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From the University Senate Bylaws, Article VII. Committees:

Section 9. Committee on Student Life.

  1. The Committee on Student Life shall be composed of the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, the Director for Leadership Programs, a Leadership Programs staff member, the Assistant Vice President for Student Retention or designee; the Director of International Student and Scholar Services or designee; one representative from Legal Affairs (non-voting); Student Government Association (SGA) advisor (non-voting); six (6) student members of the University Senate; six (6) SGA senators selected by SGA president; one staff senator, two (2) student members who are not members of the University Senate (appointed by the Associate VP for Student Affairs), and at least thirteen (13) faculty senators as follows:  two (2) members each from the College of Arts and Sciences, Perimeter College, the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, and the College of Education and Human Development; one (1) each from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, the Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions, the College of the Arts, the College of Law, and the School of Public Health.
  2. The purpose of this committee shall be to advise and make recommendations to the VP of Student Affairs and to the University Senate concerning matters relating to student organizations and the following student programs and services: student activities, student conduct, recreation, housing, media, orientation and leadership, student facilities, volunteerism, disability services, multicultural center, health services, career services, and honors and awards.
  3. The duties of the committee shall include:
    a. to approve charters of student organizations;
    b. to review and approve policies related to student organizations and leadership;
    c. to elect a non-student member of the committee to serve on the Student Activity Fee Committee
  4. The committee shall elect a chair within ten (10) working days after election of a new committee.


  • Associate VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Lanette Brown (interim)
  • Director of Leadership Programs Kristina Clement
  • Leadership Programs staff member to be named
  • Director of International Student and Scholar Services (or designee) Heather Housley
  • Assistant VP for Student Retention (or designee) Allison Calhoun-Brown
  • Legal Affairs member (non-voting) Jeannie Barrett
  • Student Government Association advisor (non-voting)  Boyd Beckwith

At least 13 faculty members:

  • Amy Reber (A&S)
  • John Evans (A&S)
  • James Ainsworth (A&S)
  • Chester Phillips (Arts) (chair)
  • Kristie Seelman (AYSPS)
  • Katie Kurumada (CEHD)
  • Ewa McGrail (CEHD)
  • Jessie Cino (Law)
  • Tamika Barnes (Library)
  • Teresa Bates (NHP)
  • Kathryn Crowther (PC)
  • Gina Flowers (PC)
  • Neely Gossett (PC)
  • Kimberly Bennekin (PC)
  • Kouok Law (PC)
  • Robert Pruvenok (PC)
  • Joanna Wilson (PC)
  • Kathy Dolan (PC)

The 6 student members of the University Senate:

  • Student member of the Senate
  • Student member of the Senate 
  • Student member of the Senate  
  • Student member of the Senate  
  • Student member of the Senate
  • Student member of the Senate

The 6 SGA senators selected by the SGA president:

  • Student member of the Senate
  • Student member of the Senate
  • Student member of the Senate
  • Student member of the Senate
  • Student member of the Senate
  • Student member of the Senate
  • Staff senator Booker Linkhorn
  • Students (2) not members of Senate (appt. by Associate VP for Student Affairs)
    • Appointed student
    • Appointed student 

Administrative Assistant to the committee Jeff Benson, Assistant Director for Leadership Programs


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2015/01/15 Student Life & Development Committee minutes 01/15/2015
2015/04/23 Student Life Committee minutes 04/23/2015
2015/09/17 Student Life Committee minutes 09/17/2015
2015/10/15 Student Life Committee minutes 10/15/2015
2016/01/21 Student Life Committee minutes 01/21/2016
2016/02/18 Student Life Committee minutes 02/18/2016
2016/04/21 Student Life Committee minutes 04/21/2016
2016/09/15 Student Life Committee minutes 09/15/2016
2016/10/06 Student Life Committee minutes 10/06/2016
2017/01/19 Student Life Committee minutes 01/19/2017
2017/02/16 Student Life Committee minutes 02/16/2017
2017/03/23 Student Life Committee minutes 03/23/2017
2017/04/20 Student Life Committee minutes 04/20/2017
2018/03/29 Student Life Committee minutes 03/29/2018
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