From the University Senate Bylaws, Article VII. Committees:

Section 7. Committee on Research

  1. The Committee on Research shall be composed of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost; the Vice President for Research and Economic Development; the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration; one student who is a member of the Senate; one staff senator; and at least twenty-six (26) faculty senators as follows:  six (6) members from the College of Arts and Sciences; three (3) members each from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, and the College of Education and Human Development; one (1) member each from Perimeter College,  the Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions, the College of the Arts, the College of Law, the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, and the School of Public Health; with the remaining members selected at large.
  2. The duties of this committee shall be to review, revise, and propose research policies, programs, and services.
  3. The committee shall elect a chair within ten (10) working days after the election of a new committee.


  • Senior VP for Academic Affairs and Provost Wendy Hensel 
  • VP for Research and Economic Development Michael Eriksen (interim)
  • Senior VP for Finance and Administration Jerry Rackliffe
  • Student (member of the Senate) Mariah Johnson
  • Staff senator Marolyn Lucy Gentles

At least 26 faculty members as follows:

  • Arts and Sciences Mary Ann Romski
  • Arts and Sciences Alex Zelikovsky
  • Arts and Sciences Charlie Benson
  • Arts and Sciences Margo Brinton
  • Arts and Sciences Dabney Dixon
  • Arts and Sciences Candace Kemp
  • Arts Martin Norgaard
  • Business William Robinson
  • Business Qian Gu
  • Business Elizabeth Lim
  • Education and Human Development Julie Ann Washington
  • Education and Human Development Maggie Renken
  • Education  and Human Development  Kris Varjas
  • Nursing and Health Professions Sujay Galen
  • Perimeter Sabrina Freeney
  • Law Jack Williams
  • Policy Studies Jan Ivery
  • Public Health  Daniel Crimmins
  • At large (A&S) Tony Lemieux
  • At large (A&S) Zhipeng Cai
  • At large (A&S) Nadine Kabengi
  • At large (A&S) Anne Murphy
  • At large (A&S) Mariana Montiel
  • At large (A&S) Jelena Subotic
  • At large (A&S) Xiaochun He
  • At large (A&S) Rose Sevcik (chair)
  • At large (RCB) Ed Rigdon
  • At large (RCB) Glenn Harrison
  • At large (RCB) Songqi Liu
  • At large (LIB) Laura Burtle
  • At large (NHP) Desiree Wanders
  • At large (PER)  Sally Robertson
  • At large (IBMS) Andrew Gewirtz
  • At large Policy Studies Vjollca Sadiraj

Administrative Assistant to the Committee: Rose Baldwin, Research Office



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