From the University Senate Bylaws, Article VII. Committees:

Section 7. Committee on Research

  1. The Committee on Research shall be composed of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost; the Vice President for Research and Economic Development; the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration; one student who is a member of the Senate; one staff senator; and at least twenty-six (26) faculty senators as follows: six (6) members from the College of Arts and Sciences, three (3) members each from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, and the College of Education and Human Development; one (1) member each from Perimeter College, the Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions, the College of the Arts, the College of Law; the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies; and the School of Public Health; with the remaining members selected at large.
  2. The duties of this committee shall be to review, revise, and propose research policies, programs, and services.
  3. The committee shall elect a chair within ten (10) working days after the election of a new committee.


  • Senior VP for Academic Affairs and Provost Nicolle Parsons-Pollard (Interim)
  • VP for Research and Economic Development Tim Denning
  • Senior VP for Finance and Administration Jerry Rackliffe
  • Student (member of the Senate) 
  • Staff senator

At least 26 faculty members as follows:

  • Arts and Sciences Margo Brinton
  • Arts and Sciences Candace Kemp
  • Arts and Sciences Xiaojun Cao
  • Arts and Sciences Nadine Kabengi
  • Arts and Sciences Anne Murphy
  • Arts and Sciences Alex Zelikovsky
  • Arts Craig Dongoski
  • Business William Robinson
  • Business Yusen Xia
  • Education and Human Development Cynthia Puranik
  • Education and Human Development Joe Magliano
  • Education and Human Development  Ken Rice
  • Law Jack Williams
  • Nursing and Health Professions Pey-Shan Wen
  • Perimeter Tracienne Ravita
  • Policy Studies Janelle Bassett
  • Public Health  Jidong Huang
  • At large (A&S) Eric Gaucher
  • At large (A&S) Hang Shi
  • At large (A&S) MaryAnn Romski
  • At large (A&S) Zhipeng Cai
  • At large (A&S)  Lynee Gaillet
  • At large (A&S) Jelena Subotic
  • At large (A&S) Xiaochun He
  • At large (A&S) Rose Sevcik (Chair)
  • At large (A&S) Desmond Goss
  • At large (A&S) Scott Lightsey
  • At large (A&S) Yi Jiang
  • At large (A&S) Jun Kong
  • At large (A&S) John Horgan
  • At large (A&S) Amy Spring
  • At large (A&S) John Horgan
  • At large (CEHD) Janice Fournillier
  • At large (IBMS) Andrew Gewirtz
  • At large (IBMS) Hongyu Qiu
  • At large (LIB) Denise Dimsdale
  • At large (NHP) Desiree Wanders
  • At large (NHP) Veronica Rowe
  • At large (PER)  Melody Kelley
  • At large Policy Studies Vjollca Sadiraj
  • At large (RCB) Francis Annan
  • Administrative Assistant to the Committee: Jessica Shepherd, Research Office



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