Information and Instructional Technology


From the University Senate Bylaws, Article VII. Committees:
Section 18. Committee on Information and Instructional Technology

  1. The Committee on Information and Instructional Technology shall be composed of the Chief Innovation Officer, the Senior Vice President for Student Success, a representative from Enrollment Services, a representative from Finance and Administration, a representative of an academic IT unit appointed by the chair of IIT, three (3) representatives from the Student Government Association, one (1) staff senator; and at least eleven (11) faculty senators preferably one (1) from each of the following:  the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of the Arts, Perimeter College, the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, the College of Education and Human Development, the College of Law, the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, the Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions, the School of Public Health, and the University Library.  The remaining faculty members will be selected at large.
  2. The duties of this committee shall be to (1) develop long-range plans for the technology needs of the University; (2) advise the Chief Innovation Officer on academic and administrative matters; (3) review annual programmatic plans for IIT; (4) review annual budgetary submissions by the Chief Innovation Officer; (5) provide a liaison between its subcommittees and IIT; and (6) recommend to the Fiscal Advisory Committee to the President the distribution of Student Technology Fees, following all board of Regents requirements for the use of technology fees.
  3. The committee shall elect a chair within ten (10) working days after the election of a new committee.


  • Chief Innovation Officer for Info. Systems and Technology Phil Ventimiglia
  • Senior Vice President for Student Success Tim Renick
  • Enrollment Services representative to be named
  • Finance and Administration representative to be named
  • Representative of an academic IT unit appointed by the chair of IIT to be named
  • Staff senator 

Three (3) representatives from SGA:

  • Student (member of senate-ATL) Michael Olajide
  • Student (member of senate-ATL)
  • Student (member of senate-PC)

Eleven (11) faculty members as follows:

  • Arts and Sciences Charlie Benson
  • Arts Kevin Hsieh
  • Business Faye Borthick
  • Education and Human Development Brendan Calandra
  • Nursing and Health Professions Teresa Bates
  • Law Jessie Cino
  • Perimeter Antara Dutta
  • Policy Studies Yongsheng Xu
  • Library Laura Burtle
  • At large (A&S) Elizabeth Lopez
  • At large (A&S) Robert Maxwell
  • At large (A&S) Amy Reber
  • At large (A&S) Chris Goode (chair)
  • At large (A&S) Suazette Mooring
  • At large (A&S) Andrey Shilnikov
  • At large (A&S) Matthew Gayman
  • At large (A&S) Victoria Rodrigo
  • At large (AYSPS) Yongsheng Xu
  • At large (CEHD) Ewa McGrail
  • At large (NHP) Stephan Davis
  • At large (NHP) Yu-Ping Chen
  • At large (RCB) Bala Ramesh
  • At large (RCB) William Robinson
  • At large (RCB) Glenn Harrison
  • At large (PC) Shane Bruce
  • At large (PC)  Michael Diebert
  • At large (PC)  Valarie Koonce
  • At large (PC) Stephanie Garofalo
  • At large (PC) William Simson
  • Administrative Assistant to the Committee Joyce Carroll, IIT Office



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