Faculty Affairs Committee


From the University Senate Bylaws, Article VII. Committees:

Section 12. Committee on Faculty Affairs

  1. The Committee on Faculty Affairs shall be composed of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost; the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs; the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration; one staff senator; and at least fourteen (14) faculty senators as follows: two (2) members each from College of Arts and Sciences, Perimeter College; the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, and from the College of Education and Human Development; one (1) member each from the College of Law; the College of the Arts, the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, the Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions, the School of Public Health, and the University Library; with any additional members selected at large. The following will serve as non-voting members: the Director of Affirmative Action, the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, the University Ombudsperson, the Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary and Support Services, and the representative of the Emeriti Association.
  2. The duties of this committee shall be to review and recommend to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost and to the University Senate policies which relate to faculty members and their welfare, including recruitment; faculty development; faculty research; academic freedom; promotion and tenure; leaves; compensation programs; health, life insurance programs, and other fringe benefits; and retirement.
  3. The committee shall elect a chair within ten (10) working days after the election of a new committee.

Evaluation of Administrators

Schedule of Administrator Evaluations

Evaluation Procedures


  • Senior VP for Academic Affairs and Provost  Wendy Hensel 
  • Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs Nicolle Parsons-Pollard
  • Senior VP for Finance and Administration Jerry Rackliffe
  • Staff senator Eric Aguiar

At least 14 faculty members as follows:

    • Arts and Sciences Lia Bascomb
    • Arts and Sciences Nicola Sharratt
    • Arts Niklas Vollmer
    • Business Yusen Xia
    • Business Gerald Gay
    • Education and Human Development Cynthia Puranik
    • Education and Human Development Tonia Durden
    • Institute for Biomedical Sciences Hongyu Qiu
    • Law Robert Weber
    • Library Amy Stalker
    • Nursing and Health Professions Blake McGee
    • Perimeter Charles Fox
    • Perimeter Jennifer Miller
    • Policy Studies Shelby Frost
    • Public Health  Lisa Casanova
    • Director of Affirmative Action (non-voting member) Annette Butler
    • AVP for Human Resources (non-voting member) Ann Williamson
    • University Ombudsman (non-voting memberBirthe Reimers
    • Senior Director of Campus Services (non-voting member) Craig Lipsey
    • Emeriti Association representative (non-voting member) Theodore Wadley
    • Arts Jennifer Barker
    • A&S David Cheshier
    • A&S Nilmi Fernando
    • A&S Alex Zelikovsky
    • A&S Susan Richmond
    • A&S Eddy Nahmias
    • A&S Jelena Subotic
    • A&S Monique Moultrie
    • A&S Robert Maxwell (Chair)
    • A&S Jared Poley
    • A&S Candace Kemp
    • A&S James Ainsworth
    • A&S Richard Milligan
    • A&S Leslie Meadows
    • A&S Laura McKee
    • Education and Human Development Miles Irving
    • Education and Human Development David Houchins
    • Education and Human Development David Stinson
    • Nursing and Health Professions Rafaela Feresin
    • Policy Studies Terri Lewinson
    • Perimeter  Tracienne Ravita
    • Perimeter Todd Hendricks
    • Perimeter Erin Morrey
    • Perimeter  Owen Cantrell
    • Perimeter  Marc Zayac
    • Perimeter  Rebecca Weaver
    • Perimeter  Michael Bradley
    • Perimeter  Greg McLean
    • Perimeter  John Weber
    • Perimeter  Emily Whaley
    • Perimeter  Mark Hollier
    • Perimeter  Dana Wiggins
    • RCB Marta White
    • RCB Isabelle Monlouis
    • RCB Yusen Xia 
    • RCB Gerald Gay 
    • RCB Elizabeth Lim
    • RCB Kris Byron
    • Presidential appointee Laura Carruth
    • Presidential appointee Michael Galchinsky

Assistant to the Committee: To Be Appointed, Office of the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs



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