From the University Senate Bylaws, Article VII. Committees:

Section 14. Committee on Commencement

  1. The Committee on Commencement shall be composed of the President; the Registrar; the Associate Vice President for Student Engagement & Programs and Dean of Students; at least seven (7) faculty senators, one (1) staff senator; and two (2) students who are also members of the University Senate. The representative of the Emeriti Association will attend as a non-voting member.
  2. The duties of the committee shall include the following:
    1. To develop a pool of speakers for commencement exercises,
    2. To review and make recommendations concerning commencement exercises and related activities, and
    3. To review and make recommendations concerning honorary degree candidates to the President. The President submits the candidates’ names to the Board of Regents for final approval.
  3. Recommendations concerning speakers for commencement exercises may be made to the committee by members of the university faculty. Recommendations concerning honorary degree candidates may be made by any faculty member, staff member, student or alumnus.
  4. The committee shall elect a new chair within ten (10) working days after the election of a new committee.


    • President M. Brian Blake (Chair)
    • Registrar Tarrah Mirus
    • Assoc. VP for Student Engagement and Programs and Dean of Students Michael Sanseviro
    • At least 7 faculty members at large:
    • Faculty Member at Large (Arts) Kevin Hsieh
    • Faculty Member at Large (Arts) Melanie Davenport
    • Faculty Member at Large (Arts and Sciences) Nilmi Fernando
    • Faculty Member at Large (Arts and Sciences) Zhipeng Cai
    • Faculty Member at Large (Policy Studies) Volkan Topalli
    • Faculty Member at Large (RCB) Yao Vincent
    • Faculty Member at Large (PER) Marcus Rhymes
  • Emeriti Association representative (non-voting member) Theodore Wadley
  • Student (member of Senate)
  • Student (member of Senate)
  • Student (member of Senate)
  • Staff Senator Melody Dantzler
  • Appointed Member (by President) Christopher Robertson
  • Additional Member Sabrina Champion-Wilson (Associate Registrar)
  • Appointed Member (by President) Allison DeLucia (Events Coordinator)

Administrative Assistant to the Committee: Ethel Brown Wright, President’s Office



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