The Committee of Chairs is an ad hoc committee of the University Senate composed of the chairs of the various standing committees, the Senate Executive Committee, and a representative from the Office of the Provost.


Executive Committee members

  • Pam Barr, Robinson College of Business
  • Michelle Brattain, College of Arts and Sciences (chair)
  • Kris Varjas, College of Education and Human Development
  • Rose Sevcik, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Shelby Frost, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
  • Catherine Perkins, College of Education and Human Development
  • Sally Robertson, Perimeter College

Senate Committee Chairs

  • Academic Programs | Michelle Brattain (A&S)
  • Admissions and Standards | Elizabeth Lopez (A&S)
  • Athletics | Kris Varjas (CEHD)
  • Budget | Andrew Butler (NHP)
  • Cultural Diversity | James Ainsworth (A&S)
  • Executive | Michelle Brattain (A&S)
  • Faculty Affairs | Elizabeth West (A&S)
  • IIT | Chris Goode (A&S)
  • Library | Joseph Hacker (AYSPS)
  • Nominations | Shelby Frost (AYSPS)
  • Planning and Development | Jared Poley (A&S)
  • Research | Rose Sevcik (A&S)
  • Student Discipline | Anne Murphy (A&S)
  • Sustainability | Trisha Kanan (Law) and Valarie Koonce (Perimeter)
  • Student Life | Chester Phillips (Arts)
  • Univ. Statutes and Senate Bylaws | Todd Hendricks (Perimeter)

Office of the Provost representative

  • Tim Renick, Vice Provost



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