From the University Senate Bylaws, Article VII. Committees:

Section 15. Committee on the Budget

  1. The Committee on the Budget shall be composed of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost; the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration; the Vice President for Research and Economic Development; the Vice President for Student Engagement and Programs; the Director of the Office of Government and Community Affairs, two (2) staff senators, the vice Chair of the Staff Council, two (2) representatives from the Student Government Association; two deans selected by the Council of Deans; the Dean of Libraries, the two (2) senators elected to the Fiscal Advisory Committee to the President by a vote of the chairs of all Senate Committees, as per Article VII, Section 17, Part A and at least fifteen (15) faculty senators as follows: two (2) members each from the College of Arts and Sciences, Perimeter College, the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, and the College of Education and Human Development; one (1) member each from the College of Law; the College of the Arts, the Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions, the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, the School of Public Health, and the University Library, with the remaining members selected at large. The Vice President for Facilities will be an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the committee.
  2. The Chair of the Committee shall be elected from among the faculty members of the committee.
  3. The purpose of this committee shall be to review the budget of the University and make recommendations to the appropriate university administrators regarding the budget allocation priorities.


    • Senior VP for Academic Affairs and Provost Wendy Hensel 
    • Senior VP for Finance and Administration Jerry Rackliffe
    • VP for Research and Economic Development Tim Denning
    • VP for Student Engagement & Programs
    • Director, Office of Government and Community Affairs Michael Parkerson
    • VP for Facilities (non-voting)  Ramesh Vakamudi
    • Dean, J. Mack Robinson College of Business Rich Phillips (selected by the Council of Deans)
    • Dean, Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions Huanbiao Mo (selected by the Council of Deans)
    • Dean, Libraries Jeff Steely

At least 15 faculty members as follows:

  • Arts  Kathryn Hartgrove
  • Arts and Sciences Margo Brinton
  • Perimeter Joann Joyner
  • Perimeter Richard Kirk
  • Business Bruce Pilling
  • Business Bala Ramesh
  • Business Perry Binder
  • Education and Human Development Carla Tanguay
  • Education and Human Development Courtney Strosnider
  • Nursing and Health Professions Sujay Galen
  • Law Kris Niedringhaus
  • Law Tameka Lester
  • Policy Studies Dan Immergluck
  • Public Health Ike Okosun
  • Library Scott Pieper
  • Faculty Member at Large (A&S) MaryAnn Romski
  • Faculty Member at Large (A&S) Diane Belcher
  • Faculty Member at Large (A&S) Eddy Nahmias
  • Faculty Member at Large (A&S) Nadine Kabengi
  • Faculty Member at Large (A&S) Zhipeng Cai
  • Faculty Member at Large (A&S) Unil Perera
  • Faculty Member at Large (A&S) Ian Campbell
  • Faculty Member at Large (A&S) Rose Sevcik
  • Faculty Member at Large (A&S) David Cheshier
  • Faculty Member at Large (IBMS) Leszek Ignatowciz
  • Senator from FACP Committee
  • Senator from FACP Committee
  • Student (Senate member-ATL) 
  • Student (Senate member-PC)
  • Staff Council Vice Chair
  • Staff senator Tim Jansa
  • Staff senator Marolyn Lucy Gentles



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