Global or City Scholar Courses

Global or City Scholar Courses: Students who earn a grade of B or better in five 3000-4000 Global Scholar or City Scholar courses and who have an institutional grade-point average of 3.0 or higher at the time of graduation will be recognized as either Global Scholars or City Scholars, respectively. Courses with the Global Scholars or City Scholars designation are noted in the catalog course description. See sections 1352.30 or 1352.40 or the bachelor-level catalog for additional information.
Normally, colleges would submit Scholars course proposals to CAP in mid- to late fall to ensure that the courses were approved in time to be effective for the following academic year. The chair of CAP will prompt colleges to submit proposals in early fall.

Proposal Format

Proposals should include the information below, as well as any items required by the originating department or college.

  • Department / College / Institution
  • Contact name and email/phone
  • Date of submission
  • Implementation term
  • Impact on other units
  • Offices, departments, committees, and individuals consulted during the development of the proposal.
  • Approval path for program proposal, noting all formal department- or college-level votes.
  • Attached listing of proposed Global or City Scholars courses, including prefix, number, full title, and catalog description.

Approval Process

The approval process for proposals consists of the steps below.

  1. Each proposed Scholars course should be considered and approved by the originating academic department. Approval by the departments at this stage, including any formal vote, should be noted as specified in the program proposal.
  2. Proposals require the approval of the dean of the college responsible for the administration of the courses. Individual colleges may elect to require that proposals first be reviewed or formally considered by college faculty, a college undergraduate or graduate committee, or some other college-level body. Approval at this stage, including any formal vote, should be noted as specified in the proposal.
  3. The dean should send approved proposals to the chair of the University Senate Committee on Academic Programs (CAP) by October 31 for implementation by the following fall. Within CAP, the proposal will be deliberated on by the Undergraduate Council subcommittee. The subcommittee chair will include the Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness (APIE) in the dissemination of proposals to committee members. The APIE may request that notable issues be addressed before subcommittee review commences.
  4. The subcommittee may elect to invite the proposing parties to attend a meeting at which the proposal is discussed. The subcommittee will then make a final decision on the proposal, and will report the results of the review as an information item at the next full CAP meeting.
  5. The chair of CAP will notify the APIE in writing of the recommendation of CAP, copying the dean of the college submitting the proposal. The college may implement approved changes for the indicated term following this notification.