Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I initiative an academic program proposal in my department or college?

A. The specific review and approval process differs by college; however, in general, proposals are first approved at the department level, reviewed by the college dean’s office, formally or informally considered by a college committee and/or full faculty, and then submitted for university-level approval by the college dean. Additional information on specific college processes is accessible (where available) through the Policies & Resources section of this site.

Q. Should an academic program that involves an international institution be approved by the Committee on Academic Programs or the Associate Provost for International Initiatives?

A. Proposals for dual degree or joint degree programs involving international partners should be submitted for approval following the processes described on this site. The Associate Provost for International Initiatives will be consulted as part of the initial university-level review, at the latest. Programs of this sort must be developed as components of larger collaboration agreements between Georgia State and the partner institution(s). The approval of these agreements follows processes defined by the Office of International Initiatives.

Q. How can I determine if my academic program proposal constitutes a substantive change?

A. When academic programs proposals are submitted to the Vice Provost by the college dean, the VP and the Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness will review the proposal to determine if it constitutes a substantive change according to BOR or SACS definitions (which differ in minor ways). Additional questions about reporting substantive changes can be addressed to the APIE, Michael Galchinsky (, 404-413-2578).

Q. Should I contact SACS directly about a change to an academic program?

A. No. All contacts with SACS must go through the Office of the President and are coordinated by the Accreditation Liaison (at GSU, this is the Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness). If you believe that SACS notification is required in relation to your academic program proposal, please contact the APIE, Michael Galchinsky (, 404-413-2578).

If you have additional questions about developing an academic program, please send a message to the Academic Programs Guide site coordinator.