Section 1. Recognizing the paramount authority of the Board of Regents, the President shall have the duty of obtaining and causing to be put in the library five (5) copies of all pertinent policies, regulations, and bylaws of the Board of Regents. Two (2) copies of the documents shall be kept on reserve for library use only. Where such information has not been made available, this fact will be taken into consideration in the event of a controversy.

Section 2. Where the Bylaws and Policies of the Board of Regents are quoted in these Statutes, any amendment or change by the Board of Regents shall supersede such quotation. The President shall cause said changes to be included in the library copies, and the faculty shall be informed of matters affecting their interests.

Section 3. Official written policies and procedures which have been adopted and which affect the faculty at Georgia State University, including those concerning promotion, tenure, appeals, evaluation, and non-reappointment, shall be distributed to faculty members of the individual college or school affected and shall be forwarded to and maintained in the office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost who shall make them available upon request to any faculty member of the University, who may be required to pay for the cost of reproduction.