Section 1. The presiding officer of the University faculty and the University Senate, and the deans of the several colleges and schools shall conduct all meetings in accordance with the provisions of the University Statutes and Bylaws of said bodies, and for matters not covered in such Statutes and Bylaws then in accordance with the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 2. The presiding officer shall appoint a parliamentarian to advise the presiding officer when questions arise concerning parliamentary law and shall request the parliamentarian’s advise prior to ruling on controversial questions.Section 3. The President shall decide all question of the interpretation of these Statutes; and, in the event of questions, the President shall determine the nature and extent of the jurisdiction proper to the faculties of the colleges and schools and proper to the various administrative officers under these Statutes. The President shall settle all questions of conflict or jurisdiction which may arise. From the decision of the President on such questions, an appeal may be made through the Chancellor to the Board of Regents under such regulations as the Board of Regents may from time to time prescribe.