Section 1. Members.The Administrative Council shall consist of the President (who shall be presiding officer), the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, other administrative officers to be designated by the President (always to include the deans of the various colleges and schools, and the Dean of Libraries) and the members of the Executive Committee of the University Senate (See Article VI, Section 4 and Article VIII, Section 1).

Section 2. General Functions. The Administrative Council shall be an advisory body to the President on all administrative policies of the University. The Council may recommend to the President such rules and regulations as will facilitate the administrative operations of the University, bring about closer correlation of its various departments and divisions, and improve the quality of all phases of its work.

Section 3. Special Functions. The members of the Executive Committee of the University Senate shall constitute an advisory committee of the faculty which the President may consult. The President may seek the advice of this committee in the handling of any problems that may arise.