Section 1. The head of the University and its chief administrative officer shall be the President. The President shall be elected by the Board of Regents and shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.

Section 2. The powers and duties of the President shall be as follows:

A. Those powers, duties, and responsibilities prescribed by the Board of Regents.

B. The President shall prepare the annual budget of the University for presentation to the Board of Regents and shall recommend to the Board amendments thereto.

C. Upon the recommendation of the appropriate faculty, the President shall confer all degrees and issue diplomas and certificates.

D. The President shall have the power to appoint special or standing committees for consultation and advice regarding administrative problems of the University or for assistance in the performance of such functions of the University as may be necessary to the implementation of the regulations of the Board of Regents.

E. Subject to the approval of the Board of Regents, the President shall appoint a Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and such other general administrators and assistants as are needed to carry out the President’s responsibilities and conduct the President’s office, and shall identify and define their responsibilities and determine their titles.

F. All officers and assistants whose appointments are provided for by these Statutes shall hold their administrative offices at the pleasure of the President.

G. Through memoranda, organization charts, and other communications media the President shall keep the various units of the University advised on organizational changes and shifts in the responsibilities of administrative officers.

Section 3. When the President is absent from the University, the functions of the President shall be exercised by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The President shall designate an administrative officer who shall exercise Presidential functions in the absence of both the President and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.