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From the University Senate Bylaws, Article VII. Committees:

Section 11. Committee on Athletics

  1. The Committee on Athletics shall be composed of the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, the Faculty Athletic Representative, a representative from the Office of Legal Affairs, at least seven (7) faculty senators, three (3) students who are members of the University Senate; and two (2) staff senators.  The Director of Athletics shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member.
  2. The duties of the committee shall include the following:
    1. To promote an understanding of intercollegiate athletics among faculty, students, and staff.
    2. To advise the Senate in matters concerning the relationship between athletic and academic interests of the University (specifically providing comments related to the impact of proposed GSU or NCAA academic requirements on student athletes to the Senate Committee on Admissions and Standards).
    3. To recommend policies to the Director of Athletics relative to eligibility and participation of student athletes, including but not limited to matters of Title IX compliance.
    4. To review the overall calendars of athletic teams and make recommendations where appropriate to the Director of Athletics.
    5. To assist with the development of official reports to be submitted by the President as part of the NCAA certification process.
    6. To review with the Director of Athletics matters of long-range athletic program planning and make recommendations where appropriate.
    7. To advise the Director of Athletics on advisement, academic support, and counseling services available to student athletes.
    8. To review the Compliance program for the department, including the receipt and review of the Compliance Audit.
    9. To insure all relevant issues dealing with the athletic program at Georgia State University falling within this committee’s area of responsibility are considered.
    10. To provide oversight and guidance regarding the Department of Athletics Student-Athlete Drug Testing Policy and Program.
  3. The committee shall elect a chair within ten (10) working days after the election of a new committee.


  • Assoc. VP for Student Life and Dean of Students Darryl Holloman
  • Director of Athletics (non-voting)  Charlie Cobb
  • Faculty Athletic Representative George Pierce
  • Legal Affairs Representative Kerry Heyward

At least 7 faculty members at large:

  • At large (Arts) Joseph Peragine
  • At Large (Arts) Chester Phillips (chair)
  • At Large (CEHD) Deborah Shapiro
  • At Large (RCB) Chris Fenn
  • At Large (RCB) Andrew Sumner
  • At large (RCB) William Bogner
  • At large (RCB) Richard Fendler
  • At large (Law)  Jack Williams
  • At large (CEHD)  Catherine Perkins
  • At Large (CEHD) Kris Varjas
  • At Large (CEHD) Deborah Shapiro
  • At large  (Lib)  Tamika Barnes
  • At large (AYSPS) Robert Moore
  • At large (NHP) Yu-ping Chen
  • At large (PC) Elaine Bryan
  • At large (PC) Kevin Yeomans
  • Three (3) students:
  • Staff Senator  Jacob English 
  • Staff Senator Constance Collier-Mercado

Administrative Assistant to the Committee:  Andrea Alfano, Athletics Department


Document Title Meeting Date File
2012/02/16 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 02/16/2012
2012/04/12 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 04/12/2012  
2012/04/26 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 04/26/2012
2012/09/27 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 09/27/2012
2012/11/29 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 11/29/2012
2013/02/27 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 02/27/2013
2013/04/11 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 04/11/2013
2013/09/26 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 09/26/2013
2013/11/21 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 11/21/2013
2013/11/21 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 11/21/2013
2014/04/24 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 04/24/2014
2014/10/09 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 10/09/2014
2014/11/20 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 11/20/2014
2015/02/12 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 02/12/2015
2015/04/20 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 04/20/2015
2015/09/17 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 09/17/2015
2015/11/18 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 11/18/2015
2016/02/18 Senate Athletics Committee minutes 02/18/2016
2016/09/15 Athletics Committee minutes 09/15/2016
2016/11/30 Athletics Committee minutes 11/30/2016