Appointed Senators

Per the University Statutes, Article VI, Section 1: “…on the recommendation of the Senior VP for Academic Affairs and Provost, the President may appoint eleven (11) additional faculty or officers of administration after consultation with the Executive Committee of the Senate…The additional members from the general administration or faculty shall be appointed annually.”

Serving for the 2015-16 Senate year are:

Timothy Renick, Vice Provost and Chief Enrollment Officer
Peter Lyons, Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness
Jun Liu, Associate Provost for International Initiatives
Lisa Armistead, Associate Provost for Graduate Programs
Allison Calhoun-Brown, Assistant VP for Student Retention
George Pullman, Center for Instructional Innovation
Steve Harmon, Instructional Technology
Kerry Heyward, University Attorney
Shari Schwartz, University Registrar
Keith Sumas, Emergency Management